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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fact, they are looking into more victims in this case. they say the taekwondo instructor is accused of molesting two children. their sisters attended classes at his taekwondo facility. are you raphael? you got arrested on serious charges relating back to december 289th. >>reporter: 64-year-old raphael negative ron is a-- negron is accused of molesting two sisters. >> i'm concerned about him being around children there. that's where these victims go and take taekwondo lessons. >>reporter: a report says he would often pick up the sisters after school. and the sa year-old victim even used to run errands for him. the report shows the mother
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messages from him that told her he felt lonely and asked her to be his baby. she did not reply. >>reporter: and according to a report, the 15-year-old also said a year ago, he fondled her breasted over her clothing, exposed himself, made sexual advances and forced her to touch his private parts. >>reporter: the report said he said if she allowed him sex he would become her sugar daddy. >> the taekwondo shop was closed when we knocked. they said most students weren't around. they were on break or at a party. >> 25 years sir. >> you got your son here. what other family members do you have? >> i have another son.
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>>reporter: now he's ordered to be held without bond. the judge also ordered that he have no unsupervised contact with youngsters below the age of 18 years old. now, according to the police report, he admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to the 15-year-old girl but he denied touching her inappropriately. live in miami, peter. thank you peter. and now a live look outside at a cloudy and cool day. >> this is just a start. we're here with a look at what's in store for this weekend. yeah. lots of big changes. we'll see some weather that you at home may like. 60s, only mid-60s in south florida. this area saw sunshine today. it's cool air. and the cool air kept the rating
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there's the sunshine to the north. and a lot of clouds over dade and broward. and this front that pushed dlowg last night that brought us the rain and cooler temperatures, it stalled now and it's waiting down in the southern gulf of mexico. that has got to come down over us and warm us up and give us rain and by sunday, a lot cooler. a little in the way of sun. showers deadly weapon. a brief warm-up -- 70s tomorrow and 40s by sunday night. okay. remember you can track weather download the app. you can find it in the itunes store or google play store. now, michael hernandez will
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cbs 4 gary nelson has covered this story since it broke. and now live in miami with this day 3 sentencing hearing. >>reporter: well after a 3-day hearing, it has come down to clear arguments, the state, michael hernandez is an incurable serial killer who should never be freed. the defense, yes he has mental issues that cannot be controlled and he does not deserve life in prison. his mother kathy took the stand. damage control. when hernandez testified thursday, he cried. something we haven't seen in the 12 years since he murdered his classmate at the middle school. the prosecutor called them crocodile tears. >> even your mother said to try and muster up some emotion. >>reporter: that was recorded in
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>> what did you mean by that when you said that to michael? >> i begged him to not be so flat. >>reporter: she said her son would be closely monitored if given release. >> definitely we would have where he's going to live. definitely a reentry program to be a part of, definitely psychological rehabilitation set up for him. >>reporter: hernandez watched his sister christina testify. >> are you afraid of him? >> no. >>. >>reporter: not afraid of him even though she was on his hit list. >>reporter: but a former classmate also on the hit list said he's a serial killer. >> i believe he's a danger to me and the family but anyone he's around. >>reporter: were they moved by
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>> not a bit. i think all this was makeup. and i could look in his face and i don't believe him at all. >> he is the worst of the worst. >>reporter: hernandez they say deserves nothing short of life. >>reporter: judge john s will weigh his fate now and rule on february 22nd whether he will be sentenced again to life in prison or something in between. we're live in miami, gary nelson, cbs 4 news. thank you gary. new details tonight on the bodies found inside a car pulled from the water in southwest miami dade. police have confirmed they are the remains of a missing couple. both 21, they went missing sunday. the red toyota corolla they were last seen in was pulled from a body of water at southwest 268th street at 107th avenue yesterday.
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up in the water but detectives have launched an investigation how the crash happened. we are days away from the first presidential primary. new hampshire gets that honor and tuesday, voters will get to determine which candidates get to continue their campaign and which ones pack up and go home. >> live in manchester tonight, daniel. >>reporter: well rick, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will have another event together here tonight in manchester. clinton is trying her best to close the gap between the two. and on the republican side, there are more choices and even more voters who still need some convincing. >>reporter: 21-year-old joe alexander still hasn't decided which republican candidate he'll back on tuesday. >>reporter: what does the candidate have to do to get your vote?
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ticking. my mind isn't going to be made up until i sit in that booth. >> i'm kind of stuck. i haven't declared a party yet. >> i'm going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday! >>reporter: candidates on both side working the campaign hard. barbara bush hitting the campaign trail for her son. >>reporter: a new poll shows a third of republican voters are undecided. almost twice the amount of democratic voters who still haven't picked a candidate. >> i think voters are trying to decide am i more angry and do i want to register my discontent to the parties or am i going to step back and say who do i want to be president? >>reporter: king said things could change in the last 48 hours leading up to tuesday's primary.
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true. the new poll shows that john casic is gaining some steam. so there is an opportunity for other candidates trailing in the the weekend. daniel anothering ham, cbs news. thank you. david will be in new hampshire. look for his reports beginning sunday in our newscast following the super bowl and the live edition with stephen colbert. and stay with cbs now through election day. we are just a few days away from super bowl 50 and the event getting attention from president obama this afternoon. so who's the president rooting for? >> i'm not telling you my pick because the bears aren't in it. but i'm hoping for a great game. all right.
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he is not making a pick. the real reason for the president's meeting today with the media was the economy. the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9 percent. that's the lowest in 8 years. well football fans and media all gathered ahead of sunday's game. so how are the dolphins viewed by the rest of the country? jim is live in san francisco. what did you find out? >>reporter: well i tell you what. the dolphins are not on the radar now but the president is making a pick. and most folks believe the broncos will have a tough time hanging with the panthers. the dolphins, that's our question. when might they get back on the big stage? the outlook might not be so bleak. >>reporter: big time dolphins fan? >> life long. >>reporter: prove it. >> right there for you!
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>> it's been a few years for me -- hopefully nfl will bring it back for us. >> i haven't followed the miami dolphins. if they're not calling me to play for them, i haven't paid attention to them. [laughter]. >>reporter: what about the dolphins? >> i don't know -- i don't know. >>reporter: well he's a fighter. not a football analyst. but one fan says they appear to be past their problems. >> i think they have the right people in the office. the thing is since dan and shoa left is the continuity. >> when you have the pieces the dolphins have, you never know. they could be the same thing as the panthers. they could turn it around. >> the things that i have heard have been minimal. but it's about the coaching changes and what adam gates is going to bring to the table and
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>> 6 and 10 isn't good enough. and with that said, we're excited about what we see in the short-term and in terms of improving our roster and i think with adam as our new leader working with the others, there's a lot to be excited about. >>reporter: all of which means dolphins fans from south florida to northern california can only hope. >>reporter: it's been a long time since they won the super bowl. >> very long time. i'm hoping not long. every year, i get told it's going to be this year, this year. but we'll see. >>reporter: yes we shall. maybe the dolphins indeed have a healthier outlook. commissioner spoke about that today and in particular the concussion issue. we'll have that at 6:00 green light i think a new coach, a new outlook and a new reason to hope, jim, for the dolphins. >>reporter: well the dolphins have changed a lot.
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so many things. they changed the logo, and color of the uniform and roster -- but sometimes stability is a good thing. we're seeing that with the panthers so maybe they can take a look at them. they have a lot of fans here. yes they do. and a lot in santa clara california. this is levi stadium. final preparations under way. you see the b-r broncos logo getting up there. we have a fun fact. the age difference between the quarterbacks -- pretty big. peyton is 39 years old. cam, only 26. the 13 years, 48 days apart of these two quarterbacks, the largest age gap in super bowl history. so you can impress your friends with that. and remember, you can watch it here on september february 7th.
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cbs sports in the morning. and nfl today kick-off. and after the game, a special live edition of the late show with stephen colbert and we'll have cbs news tonight with me and rudabeh. a man takes matters into his own hands. also a massive crane topples in new york city. killing a person. >> a modern day bonnie and clyde spree comes to an end when they finish off with a shootout with the police. and the pope is getting cuba. why he's heading back at 5:30.
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ika virus? more on that. . new video tonight -- watch as he throws a brick at the common cast office -- comcast office. he tries it again and does succeed in smashing the window. the man left a note saying quote, dear friends, the next one will be on fire. please remove your nonsense from your phone. your pal, friendly neighborhood spiderman. now, health alert on the
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there are now 14 cases of zika in the state of florida. many people are worried that all the recent rain we've had can bring more mosquitoes carrying the virus. ted joins us live. >>reporter: yesterday, today, mosquito control was inundated with phone calls today. more than 500 calls today alone. question. and also wanting to get sprayed in the areas -- this is one of those areas with low water in it that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. >>reporter: they're some of the most popular guys right now in broward. they're the folks who kill mosquitoes. the governor declared a health emergency in broward because of the zika virus. all of these papers are requests
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their homes. >> this is a large amount. it's very unusual. >>reporter: there's lots of them because of the recent rain. >> the bugs just love me. so i will be concerned about mosquito bites. i have grandchildren, the same thing. >>reporter: what we learned, the type of mosquito that breeds is not a danger. >> those are not the type of zika virus. >>reporter: mosquito control tells us this is the type of mosquito that spreads the virus your backyard. >> the one that carries it is typically found around your house in small areas of standing water like flower pots. >>reporter: the zika virus is not dangerous for most. many won't feel the flu like symptoms. the big concern is for pregnant
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the virus may be linked to serious birth defects. carly gave birth to this little guy three weeks ago. >> i heard about the virus and the effects and that freaked me out because of him. >>reporter: right now, we stand at 14 cases statewide. five are miami dade and broward. thanks ted. good information. president obama is being urged to ramp up the response to the zika virus. some sent him a letter urging him to combat zika. meantime, researchers found the virus alive in saliva and urine samples. those samples have the potential to cause infection. meanwhile, it's carnival celebration. and instead, they've budgeted for the fight against mosquitoes.
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driving the mosquitoes; right? yeah. we've had a lot of rain. the wettest in january -- setting records since 1932. so a lot of water around. here's a live picture. i think we'll get a chance to sunday night. but we've got a little rain in here's a live picture. port miami. and some of the cruise ships in port right now and the skyline. and lots of gray skies. fort lauderdale. and 66 in key west. it's dry and zero -- the relative humidity is low. a northeast breeze and just about after midnight, we had rain. low to mid-60s. our winds overnight are going to turn into a more easterly direction. we're not going to get too much
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to warm up briefly tomorrow. maybe the rain woke you up last night because it came down hard at times. but it pushed on through at the moment. cool air came in behind it. the front passed earlier today. it's coming back tomorrow as a warm front so we get back into the warm air. mid-70s -- maybe upper 70s. then the showers develop and the rest of that cold front comes through on sunday. so cool today, cold for sunday night. and in fact, all of -- much of next week looking cold. monday, cold at night. tuesday, a cold front moves through. and wednesday, cold pressure builds up. and sunday night, it's going to stay chilly with the highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. our forecast for tonight, chilly breeze.
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to mid-60s and in the morning, they'll begin to rise up. tomorrow some showers could develop heavy by late in the today. the winds from the east 10 to 15. and eventually go to the north. and taking us through the weekend, it's a one up day and then some down days in terms of temperatures. lows in the 40s -- could be the coldest week of the season. back to you. all right. thank you. how do you keep your really expensive belongings safe? well, tonight, we'll show you where the rich and famous go when no ordinary storage unit will do. >>reporter: from lamb genies to picasso -- you'll -- bam bore
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picasso -- the robots run things. at the automated system, it stores everything on demand. watch that on cbs. well a historic meeting is set up for the pope in cuba. and a crane gives way in new york city crushing cars. next. a father of 4 is shot to death just steps away from his front door while his family slept inside. we're here with the latest on the investigation. students at the university of miami are helping a local nonprofit create campaigns -- one of the organizations is devoted to helping young journalists to starting their careers. you'll get to hear an interview worship him for the very first time.
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. in news across america, the multistate manhunt for a modern day bonnie and clyde coming to an end in pencila cola.
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after they made their way across the south. the pursuit began after they led police on a chase. they stole a family member hostage and stole a truck and ended in the shootout. he was killed. his girlfriend was arrested. a deadly scene when a massive crane collapsed in new york city. one person was killed. two others injured. several cars were crushed. bryan web has more. >> dropping it quick! >> whoa! >>reporter: a huge construction crane collapsed onto a manhattan street. the wreckage crushed cars oong an entire city block. >> you see a crane falling on the street. >>reporter: the crane fell about 10 blocks north of the world
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several buildings were damaged on the way to the ground. crews were working to secure the crane. >> it was being moved into a secure position because the -- by the manufacturers instructions as winds topped 20 miles an hour. >>reporter: the crane which was as tall as a 60 story building was here on-site for about a week. as for this accident, the mayor has ordered all cranes operating in the city to be secured. >> as they were lowering the crane, we were in fact keeping people away from the site and keeping traffic from proceeding down west broadway. >>reporter: police are looking into the cause of the accident. the mayor said the crane passed inspection on thursday. >>reporter: wind gusts at the time of the collapse were over
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the victim is identified as a
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